Estate, Probate & Adoption

The Estate Planning, Probate and Adoption Group is centered on planning for, protecting and adding to your family. Whether your goal is to devise an estate plan for your future, administer an estate for a loved one or grow your family through adoption, the attorneys at Kirk Drennan have the experience and passion to make sure your needs are met.

Divorce and Family Law

Our Divorce & Family Law Practice specializes in high asset cases and multifaceted legal situations with high stakes. Whether we’re protecting your assets through a marital agreement, petitioning for support, dividing an estate, or establishing guardianship, we strive to return a feeling of stability and confidence to your life.

Criminal Defense

Our Criminal Defense Practice Group, represents people under criminal investigations and charged with criminal offenses in both federal, state, and municipal courts throughout Alabama. We represent persons who are witnesses, subjects or targets of investigations, and those persons formally accused, arrested and indicted.