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Big Life Changes to Consider After a Divorce

You’ve made the decision to move forward with a divorce, been through rounds of negotiation, and the end is in sight. You’re likely feeling relieved, hopeful, and perhaps a little stressed. Rather than focusing on what you’ve lost, this is the perfect opportunity to focus on what new things you can experience and what type of life you want for yourself.

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See the World

Why not spend some time traveling? Divorce is incredibly stressful, and you’ve likely gone a long time without focusing on yourself. Travel can shift your mindset, help you meet new people, and help you figure out what you want next. It all depends on where you’d like to go.

Maybe you spent all of your marriage taking monthly ski trips for your ski-loving spouse, despite the fact that you never left the lodge. Now it’s your chance to spend winter on the beach on a tropical island. If you work remotely or are self-employed, you can even use this opportunity to set up shop somewhere else.

Pivot and Change Your Career

Perhaps you stayed in your career because of the stability it brought your family, and switching career paths would have been careless. Maybe you devoted your time to caring for your family and being a homemaker, and you’re ready to do something for yourself. There’s no better time to try out a new career path.

Think back. What did you love doing in school? What did you always hope to do when you were “grown-up?” What kept you from pursuing those goals? Whatever was holding you back may not be holding you back anymore. Think big—can you use your current education to get where you want to go? Or should you set aside some time for school?

Overhaul Your Look

Married couples often make sacrifices regarding their appearance. They might wear a specific color scheme because their spouse loves it or dress modestly because their spouse hates revealing clothes. This is the time to wear exactly what you want.

Go all out if you want. Go to a high-end hair salon, explore your options, and come up with a look that encompasses who you are. After that, it’s time to shop for a new wardrobe and truly look forward to getting dressed every day.

Think of the Sacrifices You Made

You’ve undoubtedly made countless sacrifices over the course of your marriage. What did those sacrifices cost you? Now that you no longer have to make those sacrifices, what can you do?

Maybe you spent every weekend caring for your children because your ex-partner golfed every single weekend. Now you can travel without worrying about having a meal ready for them at home, or you can spend your kid-free weekends touring wineries.

Maybe you never scheduled nights out with friends because your ex-spouse couldn’t handle the kids when you were gone. If they have parenting time now, use that to reconnect with your old friends and make some new ones.

Start a Business

This ties in with a change in career. You may have dreams of entrepreneurship, but the time was just never right. You were supporting your spouse in their career or you were raising a family. You were getting your kids ready for school and taking care of the home.

If your divorce has left you with a nice nest egg, you may want to use it to pursue your dreams and start your own business. Make sure you work closely with a financial advisor and other specialists to ensure you are using your time and money appropriately.

Find Love Again…Maybe

Take this step slowly. Lots of people jump back into the dating game after a divorce, only to find that they weren’t ready after all. Think about what you want out of the dating world and get back in slowly when you’re ready. There’s no rush.

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