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Is Virtual Child Visitation Right for You?

The Internet has changed nearly every aspect of how we live, and in many ways, it has made life easier. This is true for many divorced parents, including those who do not get to see their children as often as they would like. Even if in-person visitation is not always a viable option, virtual visitation may provide the contact that both parent and child need to maintain and strengthen their connection.

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Benefits of Virtual Visitation

There are numerous benefits that come with virtual visitation, including:

  • Schedule flexibility. It can be difficult to figure out in-person visitation schedules, especially if one parent has an ever-changing work schedule or the child has lots of activities and obligations. Virtual visitation is much easier to move around and set up, ensuring that parents get enough time to talk to their children.
  • Easier when parents live in different states. Some parents do end up living in different states after divorce, and while in-person visitation may be preferable, it simply isn’t always possible in these arrangements. Virtual visitation ensures that the parent-child connection doesn’t disappear and that the child can still spend time with their parent between visits.
  • Allows for face-to-face contact. Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, and other tools make it easier to build a bond between parent and child. While standard phone calls can be awkward or boring for young children, video calls may keep them more engaged.
  • May increase as child ages. As a child ages, they may spend more time on their devices and even get their own phone. If they are already used to talking to their other parent on video calls, they may be able to do so more frequently once they have more freedom and independence.
  • Enhances in-person visitation. Even if you do get some in-person visitation, virtual visitation could still be a great option for you. It may preserve the bond between visits, allow you to keep up with what is happening in your child’s life, and ensure that visits are more comfortable for your child.

When to Consider Virtual Visitation

There are several situations in which virtual visitation may be an ideal option. They include:

  • Parents live too far apart for regular in-person visitation
  • Custody exchanges only happen weekly, and the child misses the other parent by the middle of the week
  • The child has a lot of after-school activities that keep them busy and limit their time with the other parent
  • The non-custodial parent works out of state or out of the country but still wants to connect with their child
  • Pandemics or other health concerns limit the availability of in-person visitation

Working With Your Co-Parent

If you decide to pursue virtual visitation, you can get it added to your court order. Your attorney can include in the paperwork that the other parent is to keep the child available for phone calls or other virtual meetings during designated days and times.

However, you should know that having a positive relationship with your co-parent can make your virtual visitation experience much better. If you and your co-parent are adversarial, it can be uncomfortable for the child to ask to call or request more time.

It may also make them nervous if you and the other parent exchange barbs when the call is getting set up. Furthermore, it can be too easy for the other parent to claim that there are technological issues if they do not want to deal with virtual visitation.

If there are concerns about dating or how you spend your time, the other parent may become angry if they see you taking your calls in other locations or with another person around. Knowing that, you should do what you can to create a healthy and calm co-parenting relationship—both for your own mental health and for the sake of your child.

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